Photo Essay

Photo essay developed by photographer Tiago Casanova on the Affordable Houses Estate in Mira-Sintra (Agualva-Cacém) / ICESA Estate (MdH a267), documenting one of the last estates erected by the dictatorship, designed by architects João Abel Manta, Alberto Pessoa and Gonçalo Ribeiro Teles as a modern "New Town" between 1965 e 1975. It is a singular estate, both for its condition as a product of a distinguished team of architects that were involved in such modern buildings as the Calouste Gulbenkian foundation headquarters in Lisbon, as for its dimension, density and clearly modern architectural language in the final years of the regime. This essay is composed of 100 black and white images, including multiple perspectives and aerial views, crossing documentary and artistic values in a unique documenting of an estate that is mostly "forgotten" within Portuguese housing history that may new be seen with fresh eyes.

©MdH and Tiago Casanova

How to cite the estate:

MANTA, João Abel, PESSOA, Alberto, TELES, Gonçalo Ribeiro, (1965), Bairro de Casas Económicas em Mira-Sintra (Agualva-Cacém) / Bairro ICESA, Casas Económicas, [MdH BD a267]. In RAMOS, Rui J. G., GONÇALVES, Eliseu, SILVA, Sérgio, TAVARES, Maria, et al., 2019, Mapping Public Housing Research Project Database. Retrieved May, 4, 2020, from <$ID=a267&script=GOficha>