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Mapping Public Housing

A critical review of the State-subsidized residential architecture in Portugal (1910-1974)

Research Project PT2020-PTDC/CPC-HAT/1688/2014

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Mapping Public Housing is a project carried out within Atlas da Casa [AdC], one of the seven research groups of Center for Architecture and Urban Studies [CEAU] at Faculty of Architecture, University of Porto [FAUP]. The aim of the project is to identify the public programs and their spatial concretizations: estates, collective buildings or single-family houses.

In order to establish a processual, contextual, comparative and interpretative study, it is intended to analyse the documental archives of the entities of promotion and tutelage of public housing in Portugal. This approach will enable the setting of an objectual and factual narrative which will allow:

  • to point out the correlation between the public housing programs and the political and legal contexts, 
  • to identify the architectural building systems as well as the housing types, 
  • to acknowledge the social policies at issue,
  • and to geo-reference the urban contexts in which the housing settlements are inscribed.

This project relies on the achievements brought up by former sectorial studies both in the social and in the architectural perspective, seeking mostly the articulation of knowledge and the supplementing of lacking periods, areas or programs towards a global and systemic overview.

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SIPA, BCE da Vilarinha


The online database is capable of upholding decisions in the environmental, social and economical fields, and of generating guidelines for public housing management, maintenance and heritage protection.

The strongly established research collaborations will generate future innovative topics at national and international level. The research project will generate:

  • International Congress (to be held in May 2019)
  • Publications: Glossary, Booklets, Book;
  • International and national peer-reviewed journal articles;
  • Presentations and national and international meetings;
  • This website, with an open access to the project’s database.
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Contexto Programa Projeto:
Arquitetura e Políticas Públicas de Habitação

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